Today Plovdiv is an uncomfortable place for its citizens. Extensive construction of new buildings in the past years has left our city practically without green areas for recreation and sport. This has two major ramifications. First - Plovdiv is officially the city with the most polluted air in Europe, which directly reflects on the health of its citizens, leading to respiratory diseases. Second - there is a worrying trend of people being overweight – both children and adults. This is only natural because there is no free access to zones where people can do sports. There is a proven cause-effect relation between overweight and many fatal diseases. Among them are brain atrophy, breast cancer, cardiac diseases, diabetes type 2, respiratory diseases, muscles and bones diseases, and psychosocial problems. Obesity is the second prominent cause for premature death ranked only after smoking. This is why we, the members of Rotary Club Plovdiv, have undertaken to realize a project for “fitness in the open air”. It falls under areas of focus 2 of Rotary International – Disease Prevention and Treatment. Completion of this project will surely provide means to greatly improving the health and well-being of our citizens. It will help combat the alarming tendency of overweight among children and adults and its related diseases. What is even better is that this will happen in an enjoyable way available to everyone. People’s lives will be influenced positively both physically and emotionally.

Период за осъществяване на проекта
2010 - 2014

Начин на финансиране на проекта

Сума на проекта
20 000 E